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Recent Work 

Ronya-Lee and the Light Factory names my commitment to creating work that illuminates and enlightens. In process and performance, I invite participants and witnesses to make discoveries about themselves, others and the world in which they live. My work lives at the intersection of dance and theater; employing West African, modern, and Jamaican folk dance, original music and storytelling. I value listening. I value people and their experiences. I value collaboration. I value Blackness. I value nuance. I value truths. These values shape my work.

Black Madonna & Miss America 

Black Madonna and Miss America is an investigation of socio-political happenings in conversation with the positioning of the Black female icon in public and private spheres-in the church, on the stage and in the streets. This cinematic and multi-disciplinary work explores the intersections between identity, cultural heritage, and pop culture.  

Tell the Truth 

Collaborative project with artist Alonzo Davis and videographer, Lorenzo Wilkins.

Beautiful Struggle 

Beautiful Struggle is a collaborative work that explores notions of femininity and labor through movement. 

Woman's Work 

This work was set on the American University Dance Company. It is a live iteration of the themes explored in dance film, Beautiful Struggle. 

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