OCTOBER 23, 2020 Leading an Embodied Prayer workshop for Duke University Youth Academy Virtual Reunion  

OCTOBER 8-11, 2020 at 7pm Performing Monumental Bodies at Dance Place. Monumental Bodies is a socially distanced embodied installation work made in collaboration with Carlos Funn and dancers. For more information and to make reservations, click this link: 

OCTOBER 2-3, 2020 at 6pm Performing an excerpt from Monumental Bodies at the Kennedy Center Film Wall.

APRIL 19, 2020 at 6pm   Performing BLACK MADONNA AND MISS AMERICA at the Kennedy Center Reach!  POSTPONED 

Black Madonna and Miss America is an investigation of socio-political happenings in conversation with the positioning of the Black female icon in public and private spheres: in the church, on the stage and in the streets. This cinematic and multi-genre dance piece explores the intersections between identity, cultural heritage and pop culture.

APRIL 15-18, 2020 Presenting "The Strange Fruit of Otherness" at the Popular Culture Association National Conference in Philadelphia, PA  CANCELLED

FEBRUARY 21-23, 2020  Presenting a paper at the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance at Duke University Rubenstein Arts Center 

JANUARY 19-24, 2020  Artist in Residence at KENNEDY CENTER REACH; Register for free daily class:

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